Do You Know What is My Hobby?

I am a very outgoing person so when someone asked me recently what my favourite hobby was I had quite a hard time deciding. The thing is, I like anything that lets me enjoy the outdoors. This includes fishing, camping, hiking, nature walks and so many others. However, my undisputed number one hobby is travelling.

Why Travelling?

There are very many reasons why I love travelling. Especially I like family camping with my belove family person. Below are five of those. If you feel the same way but don’t like travelling then you are doing yourself an injustice by not taking it up as a hobby. A best family camping can able to gives you huge refreshments.

1. It is an Opportunity to Learn Something New

I love travelling because every time I do it I end up learning something new about nature, the world, other cultures and most importantly, about myself. This form of exposure is great as it can open a person’s mind to life changing ideas and attitudes and is therefore my number one reason for enjoying travelling so much.

2. It is Something I Can Enjoy on a Tight Budget

Despite what most people believe, you do not need a lot of money to enjoy travelling as a hobby. Granted, there are places that you cannot visit without sufficient funds. However, there are other equally as many and as amazing places you can visit with very little cash. Examples of low-cost destinations include public nature trails and parks, beaches and public museums. Even things like road trips qualify. After all, isn’t travelling simply getting out of your home or office to see something new?

3. It is a Stress Reliever

Travelling has been proven to relieve stress. This is because it takes you away from chronic stressors including work and household problems.

Hobby Traveling

4. It Can Be a Group Activity

There are not very many hobbies that can be enjoyed by more than one person at a time. This makes travelling one of the greats because you can turn it into a fun group activity. All you have to do is round up your close friends or family, pack up and visit some place new. It is a great way to bond and get to know each other better in a new environment.

5. It is A Fun

My last and probably most important reason for loving travelling is the fact that it is fun. I love everything about it. The journey itself is amazing whether by car, train or plane and is a chance for me to relax and think about my life. The destinations, whether simple or luxurious, are also a favourite mainly because I get to see and try out new things.


It goes without saying that travelling can be super fun; whether you are outdoorsy like me or you feel more comfortable indoors. It is a huge world and there is so much out there to see, learn and enjoy. So my advice to anyone looking for something to do to pass time is to try travelling. The great thing is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun. So give it a try. You won’t regret it.

Why I Love to Go Outdoor with My Child?

Being a parent is one of the most fulfilling jobs one can undertake. As much as it has ups and downs, you realize given a chance you would redo parenthood without a second thought. Children are however a hustle and it takes patience and commitment to be a good parent. In other words, children can be very hard to love. You can however decide to take the favorite things about your child and let them bring you joy. So why do I love my child?

My Child Loves the Outdoors

mom childWhen he was just but a toddler it was a fight to get him into the house when it got cold or dark. While he was growing up I decided to use he’s love for the outdoors and incorporate camping into our hobby-list. I soon started enjoying the camping experience and every chance we get, we go out camping. We’ve made it such a big part of our lives that you will constantly find us on the internet looking for the best family camping tents. Constantly finding a variety of different tents that we try out in our different camping trips to ensure we enjoy our camping experience to the maximum.

He’s Need to Help Others

This especially comes in handy when you are out camping since it can sometimes be a hustle. I never do mind doing everything by myself because he is after all just a child but he is always willing to help even on the smallest errands. He has especially become intrigued in researching the best family camping gear. He likes picking out what would be the best fit for us. Next to he’s bed he has stuck a list of the ‘Top 50 best family camping tents’ and he ticks each off whenever we use it.

He’s ‘Out of the Box’ Mind-set

I can honestly say I have gifted child. He’s creativity literally has no bounds. Always coming up with ideas to fix or make things better. For instance, when going trying to figure out the best camping tents, he comes up with a list of features he thinks we need the most. Using these features he comes up with various tent brands that would be a likely fit. He shocks me by the number of handy features he has accumulated over the years.

He’s Go-Getter Attitude

mom childrenWhen I began camping with my son, it was merely for fun and bonding. I was rather surprised when he told me he wanted to start a Camping Blog. “Not many people love camping, but am sure I can make can add to the number who do”, he said when he pitched the idea. I didn’t think much of it. Thought he’d quit in the first week or two. I later decided to check it out and I was blown away by the response he got not to mention how coordinated the blog was. Having separate categories for best camping tents, best camping stoves and etc. As we speak, he is a blogger for The Coleman brand.

I can go on about the various things I love about my child because he makes me the happiest parent out there but the list is never ending. I hope I’ve shown you a different way you can find appreciation for your child.

Camping with My Babies and What I Recently Discovered?

Camping has, for the longest time, been one of my all-time favorite pass time activities. Something about the amazingly crisp clean air in the wilderness and the freedom from the hustle of everyday life and makes it altogether a very inviting concept. The only thing more fun than camping for me is camping is camping with my family. It is something that we make sure to do on a regular basis not only for what it does for us individually but also for what we gain as a family. So why exactly do I like to go for camping with my family?

For Some Grown Up Time

Camping for me is a time to unwind and enjoy the outdoors with my fellow grown-up friends and family. We spend most of our time hiking, bird watching, fishing and so many other fun activities. The little slice of wild heaven provides us with an amazing opportunity to bond and get to know each other better free from all the stress back in the ‘real’ world.

Why I Go for Camping with My Babies and wWhat I Recently Discovered?

campingHowever much I enjoy hanging out with my spouse, I have to say that these days camping is more about spending time with my kids. Despite the fact that they are too young to fully understand exactly what is going on around them, they have just as much fun as we do. It is actually during preparations for one of our family camping trips that we came across the best baby swings in the market. This is actually why I decided to share my experience and love for camping for the sake of other families that may be interested in taking it up as a hobby. We needed something to keep them busy yet entertained while we worked around the camp and below are three of the best baby swing review that we came across during our search and our favorite features of each. They are not in any particular order.

Fisher Price Take-along Swing

It uses Fisher-Price smart swing technology. The seat has special sensors that detect weight changes. Once you place the child on the seat and strap them in, the seat automatically begins the swinging. The other reasons why we loved this baby swing include the overhead canopy and the fact that it has an infant insert that is car seat compatible.

Bright Starts Safari Smiles

It uses True Speed technology with six different speed settings. What sets it apart as one of the best baby swings is the fact that this technology eliminates a common problem experienced with other swings where a child’s weight affects the swinging speed. The swing also impressed us with the built-in lullaby and nursery rhyme sound system as well as the animal and jungle-themed design that perfectly suits the camping environment.

4moms Mamaroo Black Classic

baby swingThis swing doubles up as a baby cradle with up to five different soothing motions for the baby to enjoy. These include the car ride, kangaroo, free swing, rock-a-by and wave motions. This is actually why we think that it is one of the best baby swings for family camping trips. Other features that we liked include the reclining seat, MP3 compatibility and the removable and machine-washable seat covers.


The three best baby swings described above will definitely change your life as a parent for the better. They are not only awesome portable child-care aids during camping trips but also during day to day life at home. I also like the fact that they can be used by kids up to the age of five. After all is said and done, camping is something that all families should consider trying to least once. There is so much to learn from nature and from each other that you will never learn staying tucked safely away in your homes or offices.